We manufacture breakout boxes that interface with automotive ECU's, ECM's, and PCM's.

Breakout Box Build Details:

  • Each breakout box is built to be application (make/model/year range) specific.
  • Exact match OEM circuit numbering is laser engraved on the stainless steel breakout plate for clarity.
  • Constructed using mil-spec Tefzel wire for excellent durability and service life.
  • All CAN bus, V/R timing signals, and knock sensor signals are ran in twisted pairs for EMI reduction.
  • Populated with industry standard sized 4mm banana jacks, which are rated to 1000 cycles minium.
  • Typical lead times are 21 days to build.
  • We can manufacture breakout boxes to support nearly all automobile manufacturers' electronic units.

We have the design and manufacturing capabilities to supply orders of single breakout boxes and volume production runs.

Breakout Box
Breakout Box